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ralf brandenstein - graphic-engineering - netherlands - nooitaf@gmail.com Scope-Institute - Film Academy - Visit Website: scope-institute.org Design by Otto Dietrich Build with Meteor - Opoku - Art Consultant Portfolio - Visit Website: reiner-opoku.com Design by Otto Dietrich Static Webpage - Young Dogs - Youth Academy for Documentary - Visit Website: youngdogs.org Design by Otto Dietrich Build with Meteor - Bavaria Motel - Motel Portfolio - Visit Website: bavariamotel.de Design by Otto Dietrich Build with Meteor - Tatjana Valsang - Individual / Artist - Visit Website: tatjanavalsang.de Design by nondesign Build with Meteor - Selic - Industrial Designer Portfolio - Visit Website: selic.de Design by Otto Dietrich Build with Meteor - Axel Steudel - Architect Portfolio - Visit Website: axelsteudel.de Design by Otto Dietrich Build with Meteor - Engelhardt - Company Site - Visit Website: www.engelhardt.de Design by Otto Dietrich Build with Meteor - SP-Notare - Notary - Visit Website: sp-notare.de Design by nondesign - MVZ - Medical Website - Visit Website: mvz-koeln-neumarkt.de Design by Otto Dietrich - INT-Koeln - Institut für Nachrichtentechnik - Visit Website: int-koeln.de

Design:Chantal Bekker - Blinder - iPhone/iPad App - Blinder blinds you with a grid of squares. !video id=v32 src='http://nooitaf.nl/apps/blinder/Blinder_Video.mov' width='350px' height='278px' controls=''>Download Video (mp4)video! Blinder in AppStore: AppStore Link Blinder Support: nooitaf.nl/apps/blinder - Ambientfestival - Festival Cologne - Visit Website: ambientfestival.de Design by Otto Dietrich - Nieuwe Groeten Uit... - Multimedia Exposition - Visit Website: nieuwegroetenuit.nl
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Design:Chantal Bekker - DESAGA - Gallery - Visit Website: galerie-desaga.de Design by Otto Dietrich - Snotr - iPhone App - iPhone Application to browse the library of Snotr.com Direct link to the iTunes AppStore : AppStoreLink The iPhoneApp is free and will stay free. - Bricolage - Finanz - Individual / Financial advisor - Individual / Financial Advisor / Website / CMS Visit Website: bricolage-finanz.de Design by Otto Dietrich - Gertraud Christ - Artist - Visit Website: gertraudchrist.de - Design by Otto Dietrich - anarc - Individual / Artist - Visit Website: anarc.de - de_corky - Small CounterStrike:Source Map - Defuse Map for up to 32 players. software used: Valve Source SDK You can download the map and others on maps.nooitaf.nl
- Chlorovorm - Design-Webshop - Visit Website: chlorovorm.nl Design by Harold Hofenk - Wendelin Christ - Sales / Consulting - Visit Website: wendelinchrist.de Design by Otto Dietrich - ABVG - Architectenburo van Griensven - Visit Website: abvg.nl - LEF Multimedia Theater - Winner Dutch Design Awards 2009
Silver - European Design Awards 2009
Multimediatheater LEF-Futurecenter - Winner - Dutch Design Awards 2009
Silver - European Design Awards 2009 !video id='v31' src='/video/lef.mp4' width='350px' height='200px' controls='' >Download Video (mp4)video! A series of audiovisual and interactive applications to be used in a discussion and decisionmaking process.

This immersive media theatre is part of the Rijkswaterstaat Futurecenter, a research and innovation platform for the Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management.

A traffic control center and animated compositions of complex layered maps are just two examples of simulations that can take place in the theatre.

Using a wireless handheld device facilitators can customize and control apllications. Made in collaboration with:
and - Plannentafel - Multimediainstallation LEF-Futurecenter - The user can choose with the help of a flash interface 1 of 4 discussions on 1 of the 4 touchscreens in front. Every discussion concists of 12 videos that play or stop simultaniously as soon as the user makes the choice. Four of those videos (the heads) also contain audio coming from the direction of the corresponding head/person. - Quadrocopter - Flying Camera - - WATT Rotterdam - European Design Awards 2009 - Gold
Special Danceclub - Gold - European Design Awards 2009 WATT Rotterdam is the world's first sustainable danceclub. Incorporating super efficient climate control systems, ''grey water'' circuits and and energy generating dancefloor it saves 30% on energy, 50% on water, 50% on waste and 30% on CO2 emissions.
The WATT systems monitor visualizes the data from these systems in both associative and exact ways. This results in a dynamic VJ show based on the club's overall activity and a CNN style bizbar providing live updates on the use of drinks, air, water and energy. Made in collaboration with:
and - Mapsinmedia - Marketing- And Production Services in Media - Visit Website: mapsinmedia.com - Design by Chantal Bekker - Comedy Explosion - Dutch Comedy Collection - Visit Website: comedyexplosion.nl discontinued Made in collaboration with: - Roosien Verlaan - Artist - Visit Website: roosienverlaan.nl - Pixel in Club11 - Performance and Flyer - In cooperation with Properpropaganda Deadpixelsociety had it's own VJ night at Club 11 in Amsterdam. Using the 12 screens of Club 11, we try to establish a convergence of visuals and architecture Made in collaboration with:
and - Scriptietafel - Schoolworks: Multitouch info table - Except of just printing my scriptie i build a multi-touch table with tag-recognition, because you have to see pink elephants before you believe they exist. software used: max/msp, reactvision, flash - gg_corky - Small CounterStrike:Source Map - My first serious map creation. Map for up to 32 players. software used: Valve Source SDK You can download this map and others on maps.nooitaf.nl
- Product Design Arnhem - University of Arts Arnhem - Visit Website: productdesignarnhem.nl Made in collaboration with Joost van Swieten - Eindexamen Academie Arnhem - University of Arts Arnhem - This website is an online counterpart to the annual printed graduation catalog. The specialty of this website are the color-gradients generated by the combination of all images that are used on the site. Visit Website: eindexamenacademiearnhem.nl/2006 - Dead Pixel Society - VJ-Collective - NooitAf performed live under the name of Deadpixelsociety. Working with live artists, spaces and music as inputs we've created interactive visuals in many clubs and exhibition spaces throughout europe. Visit old Website Mirror: deadpixelsociety.nooitaf.nl Made in collaboration with:
and - Read Me Look At Me - Interactive CD-Rom - Look at Me Read Me! was commisioned by the Arnhem school of Art and Design as an overview of the production of artist books made by students through the years. The Arnhem School of Arts has a tradition in book making, and by collecting more than a hundred productions made by students from various disciplines, this CD-ROM shows the potential of the artist book as a medium.

The CD contains flip through selctions of all the featured books as well as interviews with the creators and a theoretical context.

By choosing a digital medium to reproduce a collection of artist books, we were able to transcend the limitations of the traditional codex book in a similar way that the artist book does.
Look at me Read Me!, published in 2004, was made is collaboration with Sven Motte and -
v3.103 code from a different time
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